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About Phi Kappa Psi

Why would I want to join a fraternity?

For many young men, joining a fraternity completes their undergraduate experience. It offers brotherhood, an abstract ideal that means friendship and fellowship. Phi Kappa Psi is a group of college men who have, by their own choice, banded themselves together as brothers for life. Together, Phi Psis are guided by the Phi Psi Creed, laws, rituals, the Phi Psi Idea, and traditions of the Fraternity. In the process of "building men," fraternity members benefit not only themselves, but also their alma maters and their communities. There are many reasons why fraternities came into existence and why they continue to attract quality members today.

Why Phi Psi?

Individual brothers have different reasons why Phi Psi attracted them to join. Some were driven by the bond between members, some sought lifelong friendships, but all agree that joining changed their lives. Over five hundred young men have decided to become a part of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Alabama, and over 100,000 nationwide have seen the opportunities Phi Psi offers. We provide a unique alternative to the other fraternities on campus. Our strong National Values, emphasis on Excellence, and Gentlemanly Conduct offer more to individuals than just the social aspect.

What more could a fraternity offer?

Common Interests and Ideals:
Human beings naturally seek the companionship of others with similar interests and ideals. There are simply too many students on most campuses for you to make every one of them a friend. Instead, individual units or social groups will arise. Each group will have its own ideals and purposes and will attract people with similar ideals. The formation of American college fraternities was brought about because their founders realized the value of an association between men of like ideals. Their purposes were specifically set forth, but only for the information of the initiated.

Classroom Supplement:
College, by its very nature, emphasizes mental and intellectual training. An academic program, however, is only a part of the educational process. Fraternities complement classroom instruction with a variety of experiences which can contribute significantly to the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of their members.

Common Bond:
You may find Phi Psi's formal expression of high aspirations not only inspiring, but also an uplifting and wholesome stimulus. The bonds of brotherhood created through stated ideals bring together young men from every section of the country, from every stratum of society, and from every economic level, so that former strangers, now brothers in Phi Kappa Psi, share a common bond.

Life-long Friendships:
The close friendships that you form during your college days will likely become one of your most valuable assets later on, since such relationships often turn into life-long friendships. The men in your chapter will often be those who stand with you at your wedding, come to your aid in times of need, or counsel you when you are in a crisis. These bonds are rarely generated by college organizations other than fraternities.

Personal Success:
Phi Psi will encourage your success both by supporting your personal growth and development and by fostering helpful relationships between you and your chapter's alumni. Nationally, members of fraternities are more likely than students not involved in undergraduate organizations to continue their education to graduation, be more satisfied with their undergraduate experience, develop stronger loyalties to their colleges or universities, and donate back to the college later in life.

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