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House on Wheels

Date: July 9, 1992.
This was after the moving company started tunneling underneath the house.
This was to allow for the placement of the steel beams to raise the house.

Date: August 12, 1992.
This is a picture taken after the steel beams were put in place.
The house has been jacked up to allow placement of dollies (wheels) under the house.

Date: September 9, 1992.
The movers began using three winch trucks (tow trucks) to pull our 600+ ton house off its foundation. This photo was taken as the house vacates the old lot onto Stadium Drive.

Date: September 12, 1992.
This picture shows the old basement foundation and
cross ties placed under the house to facilitate moving.

Date: September 12, 1992.
The house as it crosses University Boulevard on Stadium Drive.

Date: September 12, 1992.
The house resting on the south side of University Boulevard next to the DKE front lawn.

Date: September 14, 1992.
The house is approaching the North end of the football stadium.
The upper right hand corner of the picture is the old lot.
The upper left hand corner of the picture is new lot.

Date: September 15, 1992.
The house turned right at the stadium onto 8th Street and now is moving West.

Date: September 17, 1992.
The house moved from the Northwest corner of the stadium,
across the parking lot,, and is entering the back portion
of our new lot.

Date: November 11, 1992.
This picture shows the full basement after the foundation had been laid.
The building in the picture is the existing structure that was on the lot.
(This has now turned into a party room for some of our social functions.)

Date: November 27, 1992.
The company began moving the house over the basement.

Date: March 1, 1993.
Last of the steel beams were removed from the foundation on February 5th.
This photo shows the house resting on its new foundation.